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Patient Blood Management - The Future of Blood Transfusion Conference

Patient Blood Management - The Future of Blood Transfusion

'Patient Blood Management: The Future of Blood Transfusion' was a one-day conference, held on 18 June 2012.The event was jointly hosted by the Department of Health (DH), the National Blood Transfusion Committee (NBTC) and NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) with the objective to:

  • Build on the success of previous Better Blood Transfusion initiatives to further promote appropriate use of all blood components.
  • Improve the use of routinely collected data to influence transfusion practice.
  • Provide practical examples of high quality transfusion practice and measures for the avoidance of transfusion.
  • Consider the resources needed to deliver better transfusion practice including support from NHSBT.
  • Understand the patient perspective on transfusion practice.

Delegates input into five workshop sessions to help drive forward Patient Blood Management and considered the following:

  • What resources are needed to implement Patient Blood Management?
  • What data is needed to support Patient Blood Management and how to collect it?
  • What approaches to Patient Blood Management should be routine?
  • What more should NHSBT, National Blood Transfusion Committee and the Department of Health do to support hospitals delivering Patient Blood Management?
  • What performance measures should be used for Patient Blood Management?