JPAC Joint United Kingdom (UK) Blood Transfusion and Tissue Transplantation Services Professional Advisory Committee

National Blood Transfusion Committee Responses and Recommendations

The NBTC responds to consultations on transfusion policy conducted by other organisations as well as making its own recommendations


Department of Health: list of 'never events'

Consultation with the Department of Health on including transfusion of the wrong type of blood in the NHS list of 'never events'. The list has been revised and now includes 'Transfusion of ABO-incompatible blood components'

Letter to Department of Health 8 November 2010 (pdf 64KB)

List of 'never events' for 2012/13



NBTC Red cell shortage plan August 2016 (pdf)

NBTC Platelet shortage plan August 2016 (pdf)

NBTC requirements for training and assessment (pdf)

NBTC requirements for training and assessment appendix (pdf)

Indication codes for transfusion: an audit tool  (2016 pdf 57KB)

NBTC recommendations on the appropriate use of group 0 RhD negative red cells, Revised April 2009 (pdf 84KB)

The National Blood Transfusion Committee established an Emergency Planning Working Group to review the organisation of hospital transfusion services following the London bombings on 7th July 2005: Recommendations (pdf 42KB)