JPAC Joint United Kingdom (UK) Blood Transfusion and Tissue Transplantation Services Professional Advisory Committee

National Blood Transfusion Committee Working Groups

The NBTC has a number of working groups to progress key tasks in its work plan. This section provides information about the activities of current working groups.

Education Working Group

Terms of Reference (pdf 20KB)

NBTC Survey of UK Medical Schools, March 2007

NPSA Safer Practice Notice Support Group

Terms of Reference (pdf 9KB)

Statement on NPSA Safer Practice Notice 'Right patient, right blood' 3 April 2008 (pdf 84KB)
Joint NPSA/NBTC/SHOT statement regarding the timecale for implementation of the competency-based assessments and assessment process.

NPSA SPN 14: implementation toolkit

NPSA Safer Practice Notice 14 Review Group

The NBTC has established a group to assess the implementation of the Safer Practice Notice and review the recommendations of the NPSA Rapid Response Report 2010/017

Terms of Reference (pdf 28KB)

Minutes of meetings

15 March 2013 (pdf 24KB)
7 September 2012 (pdf 36KB)
23 January 2012 (pdf 28KB)

Pathology Modernisation Working Group

Terms of Reference (pdf 16KB)

Pathology Modernisation and Blood Transfusion Seminar, 28 April 2011
Royal College of Pathologists, London

We are grateful to the speakers who have allowed us to share their presentations

Modernising Hospital Transfusion Services in England: Mike Murphy (pdf 1.4MB, 19 slides)

Medical Aspects of the Pittsburgh Centralized Transfusion Service: Mark Yazer (pdf 1.59MB, 33 slides)

The Role of NHSBT in Modernising Transfusion Services: Gerry Gogarty (pdf 652KB, 12 slides)

Patient Blood Management Working Group

Terms of Reference (pdf 16KB)

Minutes of meetings

18 January 2016 (pdf)
22 June 2015 (pdf)
18 June 2014 (pdf 55KB)
18 November 2013 (pdf 74KB)
3 June 2013 (pdf 69KB)
28 January 2013 (pdf 55KB)
20 November 2012 (pdf 80KB)

Patient Involvement Working Group

Terms of Reference (pdf 20KB)

Minutes of Meetings

26 November 2015 (pdf)
26 June 2015 (pdf)

2012 Patient Identification campaign 'Do you Know Who I Am?'

The patient identification check is a critical point in the transfusion process where errors are made. Positive patient identification leads to right patient, right blood every time. Trusts, hospitals, healthcare facilities and patient organisations are encouraged to hold awareness events as part of the 2012 'Do you know who I am?' campaign. Resources to support this campaign including posters and factsheets, and further information can be found on the 2012 campaign page.

2010 RhD Haemolytic Disease of the Newborn (HDN) - advances in prevention and treatment

A UK wide initiative in collaboration with the UK Blood Services aimed at promoting awareness amongst patients, the public and health care professionals of advances in prevention and treatment of RhD HDN was organised as part of the Royal College of Pathologists’ National Pathology week (Nov 1st to 7th 2010), with the theme of 'Mothers and Babies'. See 2010 campaign page for further information.

Royal Colleges & Specialist Societies

Terms of Reference (pdf 8KB)

Minutes of meetings

28 September 2015 (pdf)
16 March 2015 (pdf)
29 September 2014 (pdf)
17 March 2014 (pdf 67KB)
21 October 2013 (pdf 88KB)
22 April 2013 (pdf 68KB)
24 September 2012 (pdf 84KB)
26 March 2012 (pdf 76KB)