JPAC Joint United Kingdom (UK) Blood Transfusion and Tissue Transplantation Services Professional Advisory Committee

SRI Core Team

Lise Estcourt

Associate Professor of Haematology and Transfusion Medicine, University of Oxford. Consultant Haematologist, NHS Blood and Transplant

Role in NHSBT: Principal Investigator. Director of NHSBT Clinical Trials Unit.
Interested in: Safe and effective use of blood components. Development of data linkage to improve practice. Development of new blood components.
Role in SRI: Clinical Lead. NIHR Cochrane Programme Grant Holder..

Mike Murphy

Professor of Blood Transfusion Medicine, University of Oxford; Consultant Haematologist, NHS Blood and Transplant and Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust.

Role in NHSBT: Principal Investigator
Interested in: Innovation in hospital transfusion practice and research into the safe and effective use of blood.
Role in SRI: Co-Director and clinical lead.

Simon Stanworth

Consultant Haematologist, NHS Blood and Transplant and Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

Role in NHSBT: Responsible for hospital transfusion services at John Radcliffe Hospital and South Central Regional Transfusion Committee.
Interested in: Researching the effectiveness of blood for transfusion.
Role in SRI: Clinical researcher and lead on a number of reviews.

Susan Brunskill

Senior Information Scientist

Role in NHSBT: Clinical researcher
Interested in: The general use of blood across all clinical areas; ensuring that blood is used efficiently and safely at all times and in all patients; the process and methodology of a systematic review; how systematic reviews can best be used to inform clinical practice. Working within the SRI fulfils both my interest in research and my desire to contribute to the improvement of clinical practice and the patient experience.
Role in SRI: Methodological expert, project manages reviews and undertakes own reviews, day-to-day manager of the SRI

Carolyn Dorée

Information Specialist

Role in NHSBT: Clinical researcher
Interested in: Developments in search methods and information retrieval, search filters and health information science; international clinical trial registers and databases.
Role in SRI: Information science lead for the SRI and for the UK Blood Transfusion & Tissue Transplantation Services.

Catherine Kimber

Evidence Libraries Lead

Role in NHSBT: Clinical researcher
Interested in: Developments in health information science and online health libraries; search methods for sourcing high quality online health and medical information; optimal methods for provision of high quality information to aid clinical decision-making.
Role in SRI: Manager of the SRI's online evidence libraries and systematic reviewer.

Alicia Plaza Cajide​

Assistant Information Specialist
Role in NHSBT: 
Clinical researcher
Role in SRI: Manager of the Transfusion Evidence Library.

Louise Geneen​

Systematic Reviewer

Role in NHSBT: Clinical researcher
Role in SRI: Systematic reviewer.

Josie Sandercock

Systematic Reviewer

Role in NHSBT:  Clinical Researcher
Interested in:  Research designs and statistical methods for systematic review and meta-analysis
Role in SRI: Systematic Reviewer

Rita Solanki

Systematic Reviewer

Role in NHSBT:  Clinical Researcher
Interested in:  Evidence synthesis and research methods for systematic reviews and meta-analyses
Role in SRI: Systematic Reviewer